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Our Finds!
MDAC- Visitor Information
General information about our club, who we are and where we meet. Visitors are always welcome!
Today's Clad, Costume Jewelry and "Stuff"
Post your modern clad, costume jewelry and modern misc finds here.
Today's Old Coins and Fine Jewelry
Post your silver coins, old coppers and fine silver or gold jewelry here.
Today's Relics
Post your relic finds here.
Today's Finds
Please use the new categories above to post your finds. I have locked this so it is view only for reference.
Best Finds
Show off your Best Finds here!
What's It?
Have something you don't quite know what it is? Post it here!
Need help finding a lost item? Post your story here!
Do You Have Property You Want Searched?
We are always looking for new locations to detect. If you have property we can search, let us know!!! No property is too large or too small.
Meeting Program and Winners
Monthly Meeting Program and Best Finds Winners
Private, MDAC Members Only
You must be a MDAC Member to enter this thread. If you are a member and cannot enter, send Ian a message or email (
General Discussion
Detecting Questions
Got a question about detecting? Ask it here!
Web Site Suggestions
Want to see something added to the our Web Site? Post it here!
Got something to sell? Post it!
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