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Today's Finds
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Silver Toy Story
Today's Hunt with John
Sterling Ring
Ben made my Day!!
Record Wheaties for Me and Two Silvers
30 Min Commando Hunt at Lunch Produces Silver Coin #5
Schoolyard 14K Bracelet
Saturday's Relic Hunt Finds...Bullets & Buttons!
Beach Trip Results *GOLD*ICE*SILVER!
Geezer on a Pendant ?
Identify Bullet ?
Big Ring
CONFEDERATE BUTTON!!!! and some other cool relics
March 12 finds
North South Hunt....
41' Merc, .925 Ear Ring, and Two Greenbacks to Boot.
Silver Quarter
61 Rosie and 4 Wheats
52' Rosie and Wheats
Weekend Finds
1944 merc and a handful of wheats
Saturday gold mine hunt
Finally got out today...
Sunday Mornings Unusual find
1/20 10KT Gold Filled Ring
Good Day
1911 V nickel and a 1943 Washington..possible Doubled-die??
Russians, Ricans and Roofy Roos
Larry Johnson Pin
3rd ring for Year and Abundant Clad
Free Kindle Book If You Have a Kindle
First hunt
"1889 IHP" my oldest coin to date.
From Tot Lot to Old Lot
Few finds left in Old Park
Ring #2
.925 Tiffany Lock and Some Fresh Water Pearls
Twilght Silver
Shoe last-anvil
Three Silvers and a total of 161 Coins
Variety of Older Coins in Small Area
1907 Indian Head Penny with new Coil
World War II Medal!
1954 Washinton, buffalo and 18 wheats
Interesting Canine Tags
Back to the Ballfield
Deep in Park Field
Necklace #2 - It was Another Heart Stopper. Some .925 too.
Today's Ballfield Hunt
Waterbury Button Co.
Sorry guys, I just can't stop laughing!!!!
1781 Reale
Group Hunt for Saturday
Dated Find of the 18K Kind!
Today's Ballfield Hunt
Silver and a Old Toy Truck
Picked up another silver
Now this is Just too funny. Not what to expect MDn
Today's Hunt
2 nice silvers, 1895 Indian and a real American hero..
Broke the Silver Drought for 2011 and Tons of Quarters
WWI era button.
Sunday Mourning Hunt
zinc's & 40's
First Necklace - Unfortunately Avon Called
First silver 2011
Old Wheats and Tokens
2nd part of watch
Link to story of lost class ring
V3i pulls first silver ring for the year!
New Site
Mourning Tot Lot Invasion
Clad, clad and more clad!
Lost Signet Ring
Some Old Toy Finds
Gold, Silver and Diamonds
Finds for First Few Weeks of January - First Two Rings 2011
2 Hr hunt gets the Silver and Brass
2010 silver coin finds
Chilly Hunt
Brutal Hunt but Silverbug SE Pulled through!
Monday's hunt
January Finds
Could not Clean Out the Pennies
First Silver!!!
Went Permission Hunting and Got It!
First Silver of the Year
1917 Mercury Dime and 1894 Barber Quarter
a couple of firsts for me
2 Barbers and an Indian Head!
Starting off the new-year with a 3 silver day!
First hunt of 2011 a little Rev Lead
Tuesday's Hunt
Into the woods
Year End Relics II
Year-End Relics
Today's Search
45 Wheat
Finishing out the year with some relics
Great Seal
2 more silvers for 2010
A little Silver before the end of the year
Big Money
Found the Keys :-)
More Coin Roll Hunting = More Silvers!
She's 94, ugly, and won't clean up-------
New Personal Record and Two Foreigners
Another Wheatie!
YIKES attn. Rookies don't let this happen to you!
1886 Indian head
First Wheat
Second Silver From Spot
House Finds
Last Hunt of the Year Produces Silver!
No Show
Fun Finds
Silver Fix for Weekend
Tot Lot Silver/Gold
What Cold???
Walk through the Woods
Found some silver!!!
ooppps! Here's the silver rosie!
Little silver for the V3i
Clad, Token, Marble and a Ring
Hunt before the Cold
GBSE is a Ring Machine
that 70's day
Coin Roll Hunt = silvers :)
A Little Fun in the Cold
U.S.S. Dixie
Another Dollar Coin
Short Lunch Hunt
First Hunt
Wedding Ring Found
Reporting Finds, but boring :)
10KT Ring Search and Return
Silver Ear Ring and Ring
Old Faithful arsenal...
Bad Haul for Karen lol
A little silver in the pouch today
S.S. Foreign Coin
100 Coins & Silver Ring
a few old coins today....
Tot Lot Finds 11-24-10
Tiffany & Co. Silver
ANOTHER SILVER! This time a big ring
Back to where it all started...
Friday's Hunt
Relic first Large Cent! 3-Ringer & Cuff button
Etrac Silver 6th and 7th
Mourning Hunt
Etrac Silver #5
Big Silver Ring
Hard Times for this Chick
Whites on a walk
Etrac Nails 4th Silver
2 days of relic hunting
This is a neat video on Youtube about a lost and found ring
today, with new batteries
Parking Lot Clad
A good mix
a dime a bakers dozen
Todays Hunt--not alot of value but fun
Found Platinum Ring
Another hour and a half in the park
Old Faithful = Sunday silver
New Record Wheat Day & Another Kennedy Half and Big Knif
Hard on the Heart
School by House Gets Another Ring
Just Here To Help
Silver Buckle and Silver Washington
Interesting little find
an hour and a half in the park today
Field Finds
Tot Lot Finds
Small Green Field 24th Ring
Saturday's relic hunt
Union Officer Staff Button
1929 Merc and Sterling What's It?
Old Tokens
Club Fun Hunt
1st Silver with Etrac *Updated with Photos*
Finds from the Last Week Finished with Ring
Glass Finds
Tiffany & Co 18K Gold ****Reward Received****
2 Buck Coins and 500 Colones
Let's see your DO Car's mine
Well I Did It!...First Outing with my New E-Trac
Beach trip (should have gone to Jared)
Old Faithful yields Saturday Silver
44 Merc to start Weekend W/Saturday Update
Quick 30 minute hunt = silver :)
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