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Today's Clad, Costume Jewelry and "Stuff"
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Visiting Charlotte-3/17 to 3/22 need to detect!
Gold Filled Pendant
Lost Hear Ring at Meeting.
First time out with the XP Deus!
100 coins of pain!
Bleek beach hunt.
$100 BIll
Saturday woodchip playground and Schoolyard
1837 Hard times token
Ring #46 & a Nice Cloisonne Heart
Ring #42 for the Year Means I am Forgiven
Rings and a Pound
Nothing too "special"...
I don't understand...
Sifting in the woods
Slinging Mud
Astronaut Wings, 25th Ring and Bunch of Clad
AM Hunt
2 trips
Old Token
#3 Car
Four Thirty Minute Commando Hunts = Some Interesting Finds
Tuesday at the beach
30 Minute Hunt
Tot Lot Assault
Clad's Keep or Spend?
Little Gold, Lotta Silver and FINALLY PRE 1900 COIN!
Saturday Hunt
Saturday Hunt
Hot but still a nice day
Todays finds
Compilation of Several Hunts
Second Ring this Week
You Never Know till the Last Dig
First S.B.A. Dollar Coin and Ring 18 & 19 for the Year
Today's Finds
Short Run with New MD
First ring of the year
Third Silver Ring of the Year
Really bored, went out for some TLC!!!
USMC Lighter
First Diamond Ring! :)
Foreign Coins and Token
The Rest of my Finds from the Beach Trip
2 Days at a playground
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