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Today's Old Coins and Fine Jewelry
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new to the hobby
Pair of Indian Heads
Update: My oldest find..George II half penny..
First silver of 2014 and the last couple of months of 2013
So nobody has found an old coin or jewelry in 2014?
Big silver and few small ones to boot!~
Short hunt at a retirement home
Oldest Coin yet.. British Halfpence
St. Patty's Day diamonds & gold!
First Silver with New Machine
Ring #74 is GOLD!
Two Silver Dimes in an unusual way.
Not One but 3 V Nickels
Large Mexican Silver
Different Kind of Large Silver
Rings #60 & #61 and one is GOLD!
Quick Tot Lot Stops Nets a Silver Ring & Necklace
Short Weekend Hunt in North Myrtle = 4 Rings
Last few weeks...silvers, large cents...
Well, hello there George, you sure are shiny!
Gold #13, Ring #50 and First Silver Coin in a While
Scored Gold #12...First Gold Necklace
My best coin day in years!!
Another Gold Ring Return
Another War Nickel and Coins for Days
More Gold...This time in my own house
Gold #9 and a New Designer Metal for Me - Plantina 4
Friday Funhouse
Rosie and the Silver Spoon
Two war nickels and silver earring...
Two silver rings...
2 mercs, 1 rosie and war nickel..
My oldest silver..1781 1/2 reale!
Gold #7 and #8 and a new one for me Palladium Ring
Fistfull of silvers and wheats, 10k gold and .925 rings..
Two different Silver Coins
Gold #6 For the Year
Three More Silver Halves from the Bank
Silver coin spill
Silver ring from park
Another Gold Ring...This one a return
Silver Rings 13 and 14
Two Walking Liberty Halves from the Bank
Nice Gold Bracelet!
More silver
Ruptured Duck for Memorial Day
Old silver spoons, Rosie and Indian..
1800's Church
A little silver for the day
Another large cent..1843, buffalo and Indian..
Banner Find
Digging Low Tones and a Few High Ones
1902o Barber quarter
1853 3 cent, CSA button, silvers and more!
Three ring circus at da beach.
First silver coinage of 2012...
Saturday Hunt Produces Gold and Silver Jewelry and a Barber!
2 large cents, 2 Indians, silver and a handfull of wheats
Rings 8 & 9 and Large Amount of Wheaties
Necklace Marked 14KT Italy 23" 18.2g
Rings #3, 4, 5 & 6
Picked up a Street Walker today.
Several hunts..Big silver, little silver and Indian...
Sterling Belt Buckle
3 Sites 5 Silvers
Relic hunt turned into coin shooting :)
Barber Dime and A bunch of Cars
My First War Nickel
Silver and a Bunch of Clad
18K, Large Silver and Chain
Must be Ringuary!
Silver that Sparkles
Silver Dimes and a Pocketwatch.
Friday's Silver Finds
Ringing in the New Year with Gold!!!
Pocket Spill with Silver
Silver Merc with the Guys.
3X the Silver
Silver Dimes, Rings and a Bunch of Coins
Silver and a Letter Opener
Semi-Key Date Merc and a 1913 Buffalo too
Finally on the board with 2012 silvers..
They're still out there....
Cold Silver
Silvers for the Weekend
Two Silver Dimes to Start the Year
OMG!!! Another Walker! What a way to finish the year.
My Oldest Silver Yet To End the Year
What a Day! GOLD & BIG SILVER!
Site Keeps on Giving the Silver Coins
Nice Man Gives Us Permission to Hunt Virgin Territory
Last four hunts
50th silver coin for year! Indian, 1937 Buffalo, etc..
Big Coin and 4 Silvers Ones
Three Ringer Kind of Day
Silver Jewerly
2 silvers, 2 Indians and enough wheats to bake a loaf..
Dime Box #3 is a Winner
Found some silver in Charlotte. Finally!
Not much this time....
Silver the other way.
Working the Landscape Got the Merc
Sterling Ring and Skeleton Key
I Love the Pittsburgh Parks
Felt good to do a little coin shooting over the weekend
Silver Rings and Chain
I-Spy Silver Bonanza
Saturday and Monday produce 2 silvers at old homeplace..
Gold Again and Its Big - Amazing Gold Two Days In a Row
1870 shielded nickel..
Finally Something worth Posting...Gold #10 for 2011
Couple Silvers with Semi-Key Date
Here's the silvers I forgot....oops!
Four Silver Coin, Silver Charms and Tons of Stuff
CSA button...V nickel and 2 silver rosie's!
Small silver...
2 more silvers..SLQ and Kennedy half!
Went to Other Side of County for These
Construction site saving best for last..1908o barber quarter
1922 King George V sixpence, barbers, V nickel and a merc!
Stained Silver Dimes
1907 barber, merc and wheats from construction site..
1917 and 1942 merc and an Indian!
4 more silvers, 1899 Indian, 2 Buffalo's and wheats!
Hurricane Irene Hunt Produces MONSTER GOLD with MUCHO ICE!!!
Mercs and alot of Dimes
Ring #32 for the Year - Silver Nugget Ring
Ring #31 for the Year - Silver with Amethyst
Road Trip Day 4, another successful hunt
Day 3 of the road trip.... NJ relic hunt
1888 Virgin Farm House was a Major Bust
Day and a Half in PA
1906 V-Nickel
Old Houses and Sq. Nails
'36 merc '47 rosie '51 Washington
2 mercs and another Indian..
Mercury Dimes and Rings
1881 Indian, buffalo and just barely a silver!
Site Produces Another Two Rings
Awesome Day Part II - Gold Again
Silver and Indians with my oldest Indian 1880!
AWESOME DAY...Gold & Silver Jewelry and Two Silver Coins
Club Hunt
Monday hunt pulls a 1939 merc and a couple of wheats..
Old school produces again...
Another 1st from the old school site...
Back at old homesites more wheats and 2 mercs..
1888 silver dime and Buffalo...
1898 Barber and Two Rosies
June & July Beach Trips
Finally, 1st Buffalo!
Myrtle Beach total finds for week of 4th..
More old silvers, wheats and a 1907 V nickel...
Beach Haul for the Week..5 Rings 2 Necklaces, Clad & Etc
First Large Silver Coin
Sweating for the Merc.
Fourth Of July Weekend at Myrtle Beach
Indian Heads, Wheats and Buffalo Nickels
Gold so fast i didnt even blink
More gold and silver from Myrtle Beach!
A ring today
Forth of July Silver
Gold and silver at Myrtle Beach..
Return Visit to New Spot Produces Gold - also some Tiffany
2 rosie's, 2 mercs, 1909 V nickel and wheats
A Few Wheats and Lots of Clad
Sterling Man's Signet Ring
Vacant Lot Produces Silver and Gold
3rd Silver this Week
Merc, Token and 5 Yr Pin
I Missed this Silver Monday
Another Indian, wheats and silver!
Another 30 Minute Hunt Produces Silver and a Buffalo
New hunt at 1873 house pulls 2 Indians, wheats, silver!
Coins , Sweat and , Determination !
Old house gives up more old coins...1868 Shield nickel!!
Last 2 days at 1900 old house, more silvers!
Thursday Beach hunt
Finally pulled out of my silver slump with 1916 merc..
1st Indian and a Silver Two-Fer!!
Short Hunt but Got the Silver
New Coil gets the Silver
Jade Laughing Buddah
First Watch Fob and an Invasion of Canadians
Jungle Hunting
Weekend Hunts...
17th Ring (5th Silver) and 2000th coin of the Year.
Century of Progress Token
Broke My Silver Coin Drought
Another tot lot silver...
Five Hours on the Beach - 2 Silvers
Tot Lot Gold (X2) and other things those kiddos drop...
Finally Some Tot Lot Gold
Silver Again..This Time at a Volley Ball Court
Tied My Record Silver Day With Four *UPDATE WITH PHOTOS*
Today's Hunt
Today's Short School Hunt
1934 Merc, 1941 canadian and 11 wheats..
Another 30 Minute Lunch Hunt Produces Silver
1939 Walking Liberty
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