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Today's Relics
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Not sure what this is
Long day of relic hunting
A few Civil War relics today
Went for Gold, Got a Gun
My DIV XX Finds
A few relics from this past weekend
Sword scabbard belt hook
A couple of relics
Revolutionary and Civil War relics from Jan 2
Some recent relics
Can anyone Identify what these are and time period...
Relics Dug in Virginia
DIV Finds. What a Great Event!
Relic Finds
A couple Confederate Bullets
A few CW finds from the past weekend.
Knapsack hook
Union Camp
Rusty Metal :)
Another item I need help identifying
Misc Dug Up Finds in backyard
This was my first find - took a while to possibly identify
Some type of iron chain
Just started detecting and found a few items in backyard
Forgot to post here.... Eagle Button and Enfield bullet
1700s Tavern
Button, Button, Who's Got The Button :)
Memorial Day Outing
Some recent CW relic finds
Saturday in the South
Relic Hunt Finds
My finds from the May 7th Relic hunt
SC Find
SC Relic Hunt
South Carolina Relic Hunt May 7th
Cuff button Back, Musket Ball & 2 bucky balls among othe
May 01, 2011 finds
April 30th Finds
Deep South Relic Hunt nets a couple Era buttons
Relic Hunt today yeilds a Musket Trigger Hammer
Got A Button Today
Civil War revolver backstrap
Printing plate
Relics 04-03-11
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