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Best Finds
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one of my favorite coin finds
CW Artillery hat pin
Sharing your experiences of detecting
My 2011 Totals
2011 Total Count
Metal Detecting - Coins, Sweat, and Determination !
My First CS tongue
Nuggetnoggin ! Finds a metal detector !
One more Brass
My First Find
My first year detecting.
These Kids are starting to really Pi** me off!
My Second Year Metal Detecting Count
best and only (so far) gold
Got out and did some detecting today ....
My First Year Detecting Count
Now THIS is a Cache!!!
My Best button finds
Newest Find
Just coiling around
Not best,, Just inland finds**
'O' Yea
(2) 1803 Large Cents New York 9/07 Frank
War Of 1812 Button
Slave Tag
War of 1812 Artillery Corps Buttons
A small find but a sweet one
C.S.A. Coat Button
Gold and Diamond Grills
C.S.A. Belt Plate - Tennessee/Virginia Variant
Sapphire and Platinum Bracelet
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