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Detecting Questions
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Double Oaks
New to area, new group
Murphy North Carolina Question
Back on the wagon
Where to look
Need Advice on finding large object
Electroscope by Thomas
Metal detector advice
metal detecting in coastalnc
Programs for the DFX
New metal detector
places to detect in gastonia nc
New guy looking for guidance and to learn
New Guy
Teknetics T2 Help in Indian Trail, NC
How much does a really nice versatile Detecter cost?
First Post. DFX question
Best Metal Detector for the money
10x14" Elliptical DD EXcelerator II / EQ2 Pro Search Co
Sanborn Maps
Plowed fields. Has anyone tried this?
Asking Permission
Need Opinions! New to the hobby and very excited to learn.
Places to use Metal Detector's in Concord, NC
My Excelerator Coil Died...anyone know how to fix them?
Fisher Gold Bug vs. Teknetics G2
Word on Shovels?***Update***
I am wanting to buy a metal detector
Help pinpointer purchase
Meeting Tuesday Night
civil war sites
New Detectorist
New kid on the block.
Detecting Laws in NC
ACE 250
Yet another newbie
newbie has a detector!
Does anyone in the MDAC have a Garrett GTP 1350?
Blue Max 1500 15" for XLT?
Metal classification?
Depth of target
Western NC
Greg, how do you like your 6x10?
Disappearing target!
Whites DFX
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